Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ok, so it's been 1 1/2 years since I posted last! That's what happens when life gets going and there's too much other things to do.

Biggest news is that we had Chael Daniel Valletta on Jan 9, 2011. Baby wieghed 7lbs 3oz and took 17 hours of labor to arrive here. Had my feet zoned the night before which I'm pretty sure pushed me into labor maybe even if I wasn't all the ready which could be why it took so long. He arrived a week early. I will just post a bunch of pictures and video since that is the important stuff.


Baby at birth....the day on the camera is a day off!

First bath with Grandma (my mom). He didn't love it!

My family came out for Chael's baby blessing. It was so nice of them!

Chael at 4 months.

Chael's first trip to the zoo! We went to the Sacramento Zoo with my family. It was pretty disappointing....they didn't have hippos, rhinos, or even elephants or polar bears!


While in California, we went to 6 Flags Great America with my dad and family.

This is that one ride where you go to the top and it drops you straight down. They make me sick!

He moves around so much now in his sleep, we never know how he will look when we go in to check on him!

I love his expression in this picture! When Twister plays, she lightly bites on your hand. Chael intentionally puts his hands near her mouth and she will sit and gnaw on his hand and he thinks its the funniest thing and keeps doing it until he's bored. Needless to say, his hands get washed after playing with her......


All ready to go swimming!!!
He loves to kick and splash.


Practicing using a sippy cup! (It's actually more fun to bang it on the high chair!)

(And yes, that is a dishwasher in the background....we are redoing our kitchen!)

Since this kid learned how to roll a few weeks ago....he gets into EVERTTHING! It's driving me nuts!!


Hooker Family said...

He's adorable! I'm glad you finally updated!

Meghan said...

Yay for blog updates! I love the pic of him under his crib! Haha. Thanks for sharing his cuteness with us!